When Fat sells : Hamburger business opportunity

Health, organic… are the only fashionable words for food ?  It’s not soo sure.

Fatbmobile by Fatburger

The Fatmobile from Fatburger

There is always people attracted by junk-food.  Go to any Mc Donald’s or Quick and you will see that this food continues to be loved.  Even on Facebook there are groups of 400 passionates asking for a Burger King in Belgium.  And who has never eaten a hot-dog, french fries or hamburger during a festival or an outdoor event ?

While some fast-food chains tries to ‘clean’ their image by proposing salads or more healthy food, one choosed deliberating to market the fat’s lovers: Fat Burger.

If you think about a new business in franchise, consider this chain which has a sense of humor and is not political-correct.  And the cherry on the cake is the Fatmobile.

With 95 locations in US and a few in Asia and Middle-East, it could be a good opportunity to negotiate a Master Franchise for Europe.  And to transform vehicles, you can contact a leading specialist in Belgium : Visibuzz.

If you plan to go further with this opportunity, keep me in touch.

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